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Marine Reporting

Our MAREP Officer is Leslie Murphy whose mandate is to continue to improve and coordinate the Marine Surveys and Chart Updates in our area of survey. We encourage members of our Squadron and also the general boating public, to help in our observation and reporting process.

Feel free to contact Leslie to report navigational hazards, changes on land and river not shown or shown wrongly or even omitted on the Charts. If you would like to be part of the MAREP team, please sign up on the using the online form and forward to our Squadron address and we will be contacting you soon.

In essence, Marine Reporting means that citizens can offer suggestions for correction and updates to the Canadian Hydrographic Service, from whence cometh our official charts. The CHS has a (semi?)-formalized relationship about this with the CPS, and on a local and district level, Leslie's our man!

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Free Recreational Vessel Courtesy Checks (RVCC)

-sometimes called "PCCC" ("Pleasure Craft Courtesy Checks")

Pleasure Craft Courtesy Safety Checks Program

In cooperation with the Office of Boating Safety, our Organization will continue to conduct Pleasure Craft Courtesy Checks (PCCC) within the province of Ontario this year, if and when invited to do so by the pleasure craft owners and operators.

The goal of this program is to provide FREE "Safety Checks" of vessels at a convenient time and location for the boating public in as many areas of Ontario as possible. The Brockville Squadron is one of the participants for our area and as such, have qualified specialists to conduct this service. Members and the boating public are invited to make use of this important service to make sure their vessel meets all the Coast Guard Safety Regulations. We can put you in touch with certified RVCC inspectors as required via e-mail.

RVCC Program - Boating Safety Specialists Needed

Since 2009 CPS Members have completed hundreds of RVCC inspections here in Ontario.CPS is asking for your assistance to get the word out that we are available to train anyone in Rideau District to do RVCC inspections.

If you are interested in doing Recreational Vessel Courtesy Checks (RVCC), please read on.Transport Canada has asked the Canadian Power & Sail Squadron (CPS) organisation to raise awareness of boating safety issues and increase the number of pleasure craft operators following safe boating practices. CPS is looking forward to increasing the number of RVCC inspections completed in Ontario.

What an RVCC Boating Safety Specialist does:

Referencing the appropriate section in the "Safe Boating Guide", (determined by the vessel length) the Boating Safety Specialist goes through the list of minimum safety equipment required to be on board as set by Transport Canada. The Boating Safety Specialist uses a Transport Canada form to check off the safety equipment on board and if everything is there Safety Specialist issues the boat owner an RVCC decal.

Since boating laws have changed and fines for infractions can be heavy we are assisting the boating community to keep them legal and providing them knowledge to boat safely. This knowledge will save the boater from getting a possible fine from the OPP and will enhance their pleasure boating experience.

In the course of RVCC inspections visiting different boaters can be lots of fun as well as a very rewarding experience. There are some amazing myths that boaters have regarding the safety equipment required on board.

A Transport Canada RVCC Boating Safety Specialist's training course is available through Tony Wilcox our certified instructor. This Free training session is available to anyone in the Squadron who wishes to become a CPS RVCC Boating Safety Specialist.

To sign up please send an email Leslie Murphy; arrangements will then be made with Tony as to the timing and location of training sessions.

Brockville Squadron - MAREP/Safety Page
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