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A Brief Historical Note

The Canadian Power and Sail Squadrons (CPS) organization was first formed in 1938 and was later incorporated in 1947. It was initially known simply as the Canadian Power Squadrons (CPS) with the addition of "Sail" coming in 1985. The very first Squadron in Canada was in Windsor, Ontario. We were modelled after the United States Power Squadrons or USPS which had been formed in Boston in 1914. Montreal became the first Squadron in Quebec in 1951 and Vancouver followed in the west in 1954.

The Brockville Squadron

The Brockville Squadron was formed in 1955 with charter members K.C. Buell, I.F. Calder, G.M. Davidson*, R.M. Dumbrille, B.E. Clarke*, F.W. Hamilton*, J.R. MacLaren*, R.F. Mucklestone, E.R.O. Kelly* and P. A. Webb. Our Squadron Pennant was approved on June 9th, 1990.

The Brockville Squadron is an integral part of "Rideau District" having formerly (until 1972) been a part of the Rideau - St Lawrence District. There are now seven Squadrons in the District: Britannia, Brockville, Cornwall, Kingston, Ottawa, Oiseau Rock and Rideau Lakes (see links page) with a total of approximately 1800 members. From sea to sea there are 17 Districts and over 25,000 members.

At the National Level we have a Chief Commander presiding over a Governing Board. They formulate and implement policy and assist the Districts and Squadrons to carry out their missions.

The full time professional staff of The Canadian Power and Sail Squadrons are located at the organization's administrative headquarters in Scarborough, Ontario.

Our Squadron Objectives are:

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