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St. Lawrence II cruise, 2009 September 13

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Again this year we had a wonderful half-day training cruise on this wonderful boat. Some people say "ship" but the Captain assures us that this vessel is not big enough, in the "Tall Ship" world, to merit that word.

Of the three times that I (ctLow, webmanager) have personally been aboard, this was the windiest (well under 10 knots, though, I would guess), and as the sails went up and the boat heeled and surged forward, I thought how much more fun this was than working - even though we all had the opportunity to haul on lines, to climb the rigging (safely, tethered) to unfurl and furl sails, and to take the helm. (There was also "wind" on at least one previous occasion which I could not attend.)

The sail through the rocky gap between Whiskey Island and the mainland, near Cedar Island, was a special treat.

A particular treat is always the crew. In addition to the Captain, these are all young people, aged about 15 to 18 usually, and possessed of a great deal of boat-knowledge, skill and maturity. They are great with their trainees (i.e. us!), helping us to run the ship, or simply doing it for us if we felt more passive. On this occasion, there were four crew.

The cruise this year was well-attended but not completely sold out. I can't imagine a more enjoyable way to spend a Sunday afternoon, and I suggest to all Brockville Power and Sail Squadron members and hangers-on to make it a priority in future years.

Also, what an amazing opportunity it would be for a teenager to go to "Tall Ship Sailing Camp" in the summer. Think about it if you're of that age or have such children.

This excursion was also an opportunity for me to try out my new ultra-wide-angle camera lens. Any other members with photos can feel free to send them in. (Also, I have tended to avoid photos of individual people; if you would like to see someone specific doing their thing, just holler!)

(photos ctLow)

view from part-way up the rigging view from the main yard crew crew and mainsail square sails and mainsail square sails and mainsail bowsprit 3 big men working the starboard yard 2 little girls working the port yard Training Officer Ogilvie, hamming it up on the staysail boom Past Commander and lifelong mariner Cruickshank Bridge Officers Lucy and Brian Prince there was also time for simple contemplation threading behind Whiskey Island, 270 degree panorama webmanager, struggling to hold a course coils bare rigging just starting up the ratlines St. Lawrence II at dock

(photos Brian Prince)

climbing the rigging webmanager on top yard, holding on so hard he's barely able to wave!

(photos Don Cruickshank)

webmanager's jaunty wave (on the way up!)

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