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St. Lawrence II cruise, 2007 September 23

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This cruise was so successful and popular last year that we decided to do it again! Any others with photos, please feel free to send them in to the webmanager.

Captain Henderson and his crew gave us the safety tour, tried to leave the Portsmouth Olympic Harbour under sail only to have the wind shift at that very moment (so just switched to power). We had a wonderful experience again, a lovely Sunday afternoon with winds probably just under the 10 knot range, lots of training participation on lines and in the rigging, and of course at the helm, as well of course as some relaxation, basking, conversation, and enjoying being on a big boat!

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St. Lawrence II Climbing the Rigging Teacher/Student on Ratlines Hard Working Crew/Trainees Happy Helm Trainee Line Handling Trainee Rigging Detail Ship's Bell

Photos by Phil Newsome

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